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The next course will start on 8th April 2024. Students will have access to the platform until 29th July 2024.

Students will be given a hypothetical PR brief, and will be asked to use a template to create a PR plan that answers the brief, and submit it within 3 weeks.

The brief will reference a number of topics covered in the course. Students will be graded on the strategic coherence of their response, its creativity, and the likelihood that their plan will achieve the objectives outlined in the brief.

Students will receive a grade based on their plans, as well as feedback from Rich and Alex. The best scoring responses will be made available to all students. 

Students can submit questions about the latest classes and readings via our LinkedIn group at any point during their study, which Rich and Alex will both respond to.

The lengths of weekly video lessons will vary, but are typically between 20 and 40 minutes.

Additional reading or assignments could take anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours to complete each week, but are not compulsory.

Individual bookings are £895 and can be made on our booking page

For group bookings (4 people or more) or bespoke bookings, please email

Once you’ve registered and the course begins, you’ll be able to login to the course portal via the PR High Flyers website.

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